K-5 Personalized Math Practice Fit for Catching Up, Enrichment and Confidence in and out of School. 

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What is Splash Math?

Splash Math is a personalized math learning solution for students in grades K-5. Perfect for all learners, Splash Math creates individualized learning paths for each student, reinforcing math concepts, not just facts. Used by over 11 Million students and 70,000 teachers, Splash Math is the solution to move your students from math practice to math mastery.

Assessment & Remediation

Splash Math assesses students' math skills and provides a personalized learning path for each learner.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Students achieve math mastery in over 350 math skills aligned to Common Core State Standards.

24/7 Access

Splash Math is accessible anytime, anywhere from your student's iPad, iPhone or desktop computers.

Real-Time Progress Dashboard

Pinpoint your students' problem areas through real-time teacher dashboards and weekly email reports.  

Virtual Demonstration

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